Working Toward and Accomplishing Goals


In the course of my life I have reached many goals and missed some too.  When I look back and see the causes of my successes and failures.  I am not an extraordinary human being; I just work hard and never give up.  In my last blog we discussed how people hold themselves back.   I am guilty of this also, it’s part of being human.  There have been times in my life where I have struggled, given into fear and even quit.  These times are my best asset today; they allow me to have faith that if I am persistent anything is possible.

Today with these successes and failures in my tool kit, I am a driven and goal oriented person.   I find a target and I drive for it, when I reach my goal I set a new one and work hard to reach it.   There are moments when I struggle to find my way.  When I find myself getting frustrated I back off a bit and try to refocus, but today I never quit.

I think there are three important methods that I use to reach goals, I feel have these have been most instrumental in my life.

Scaling down the goal, I tend to break up goals into steps.  If you are anything like me, you dream big and that equates to big goals.  Sometimes I can psych myself out and talk myself out of doing something, because it’s too daunting a task.  I navigate around these fears by looking at the goal in pieces, for example one step at a time.   Since I returned to school in 2008, I have a strict policy of one week at a time; it keeps courses manageable in my busy life.

Perseverance, this is a powerful word.  When I looked up the definition of perseverance I found this – steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.  Through practicing the idea of perseverance in my life, I have found a lot of success.  I know in my heart and mind that I can reach my goal, so even though it may take longer than I expected, I never give up.

Lastly, I surround myself with great people.  The people in my life are the ones who support me in success and failure, they believe in me.   This is paramount, because when working toward a goal or a dream it can be tough.  It’s good to have friends and mentors to help me stay focused on what is important.  When I get tired or discouraged, a friend can remind us how far I have come and encourage me to keep trudging.

Of course there are many other traits that will help people reach goals, anyone who is focused and driven can accomplish a goal.   In my own life I am on the verge of completing a major challenge, my MBA.  I feel very proud of myself to have worked hard to reach this goal; it has been a very rewarding experience.  Probably the toughest challenge I have ever taken on.  As a result I will carry this strength with me for the rest of my life.

To reach a goal, start out small, start today.  Take good care of yourself mentally and physically so when times get tough you can persevere and reach your goal.  Surround yourself with motivated and supportive people, when you need it they will lift you up and keep you on track.  And most importantly do your best every day and never give up.  Sky’s The Limit, you can get started anytime, dig deep and dream big.


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