Why Being a Photographer is Awesome


Sometimes when you look up, you find a different perspective. Mormon Station – Genoa, NV

Over the last two years I have spent a lot of time working on being a better photographer.   In the last two years I have taken thousands of pictures of people, places and things.  In my travels and in my everyday life I carry my camera with me almost every day.  Over the last two years, I have found a new creative outlet in my life, a new passion:  Photography.

Confluence of the Little Colorado and the Colorado River - shot from a Helicopter

Confluence of the Little Colorado and the Colorado River – shot from a Helicopter

Being a photographer allows me to capture moments in time and history and capture them for all to see.  I have documented adventures big and small, far and near.   Last year I visited 3 national parks with my 87 year old grandfather.  Having my camera with us has allowed me to share these moments with our family and friends.   As far as I know none of us will be around forever, but the pictures will be.  In our travels we visited the Grand Canyon National Park.  The coolest part of our trip was the helicopter ride we took.  I was able to capture the entire trip with my camera, priceless.


My Grandfather and Best Friend in the Badlands National Park – 08/2013

Taking photos is a great way to connect with others.  I have a unique opportunity to connect with my family and friends via photography.  People really appreciate a great picture of themselves.  In my opinion the majority of people don’t like the images that people take of them; I get it its awkward sometimes.   But to have the ability to get people to relax and enjoy getting their picture taken is an awesome way to connect with them personally.   The ultimate gift is when I capture someone’s smile and share the picture with them, and they love it!  This is what photography is about sharing art with others and connecting with people.

Badlands National Park Sunset

Badlands National Park Sunset

The main reason that photography is so important in my life is it helps me stay in the moment; enjoy the here and now.   It gives the opportunity to notice more detail in my surroundings.  It’s not a bad thing to stop and smell the roses.   I live a very fast paced lifestyle sometimes it’s great to slow down and explore my creative side.  I actually learn a lot about myself through photography and I grow from it too.  I have a better appreciation for life, the people in it and my surroundings, all based around my adventures in photography.  I surprise myself all the time when I capture something great.  I also get great pleasure in sharing this art with others.  People often offer to pay me for photos, but I always decline.  To me photography is one of the only things in my life that doesn’t involve money.  I like it that way, it’s simple and pure.

View of Sunrise over Lake Tahoe from Relay Peak

View of Sunrise over Lake Tahoe from Relay Peak

How to you express your creative side?  Do you stop and appreciate your surroundings?


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