How Understanding Your Motivational Style will make you a Better Leader

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In my many years’ experience as a leader, I have seen many different types of motivational styles.  Overtime the one thing that I have really focused in on was what styles worked and which did not.  Sometimes leaders fail at motivating, by choosing the wrong situation.   As a manager I have the opportunity to choose on a case by case basis, which style to deploy.  I have three main ones that I use regularly; reward based, growth based and fear based styles.

I prefer to motivate people with the idea that what they are doing will help them grow personally.  The growth based motivation style is my favorite.  It allows me to really share my knowledge and expertise with my team.  And even better it allows them to actually know that the work they are doing will add to their personal value today and in future jobs.  This is the best motivation style, but it’s not right for every situation.

The next motivation style that I deploy is reward based.   This type of motivation involves a reward of some sort, even if it’s small it can help.   At my current job when we meet our monthly sales goal, the team gets lunch as a reward.  This is just a small thank you from the company for doing their best day after day.  I use this style with my sales team also, they work on a quarterly bonus structure, the incentive of the bonus helps them stay motivated to work harder at closing deals.

The third motivation that I use is my least favorite, fear based.  It has its place in management and I only deploy this style as a last resort.  I have seen it misused by managers time and time again.  The most effective way to use fear based motivation is when you are counseling a team member, usually about repeated bad behavior.  If I have the respect of this person and they know I respect them, this motivation will work great.  Sometimes you have to put someone on notice or final warning.  People sometimes need this type of motivation to grow professionally.   Like I said though, don’t to quick to use fear, it is a last resort method.  But when used properly it’s just as effective as the other two methods.

Do you have another motivational style that you use?  Please Share with us by commenting below.


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