2014 Cleantech Open Academy – An Experience of a Lifetime


Over the last 8 months we have been building some momentum at my start up Dragonfly Energy.  We have won a few business competitions and have been earning some media coverage in newspapers, magazines and on the web.  Our latest accomplishment was being selected as a semi-finalist in the 2014 Cleantech Open – Western Region.


This weekend I was offered the opportunity to participate in the 2014 Cleantech Open National Academy.  The academy is described as a weekend long “MBA cleantech bootcamp.”  The whole experience has been great for me.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this 3 day event.  Participating in the academy feels like a small reward for all the hard work we have been putting in.

The whole weekend has been jammed pack with world class speakers and business people, taking time to share their knowledge with the latest cohort of semi-finalists.  The event offers a unique platform to share our business model with other entrepreneurs and experts.  It’s not often that you get so many ambitious, passionate and talented people under one roof, let alone the chance to network and just chat with these experts one on one. Every aspect of the weekend was a great refresher of the fundamentals taught in an MBA program and more importantly how to apply the principals in a real world start up.

If the whole experience of the Cleantech Academy can be summarized in one sentence, a sort of elevator pitch “It’s like drinking from a fire hydrant.”   The event covers basically every aspect of a start up business from customer discovery to marketing to financial models to risks mitigation.  Lots of valuable information to soak up at the opening event of the 2014 Cleantech Open.   I look forward to sharing more about this experience with you as it develops over the next 5 months.


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