3 More Small Business DIY Ideas

These three tasks are the most time consuming of all of the skills I have covered in my last two blogs.  Even though they take up a lot of time, they are also very effective at bringing customers to your site.  The three skills we will highlight today are video, social networking and SEO.  Let’s start with SEO.

There is a ton of free information about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on the net today.  Having your site optimized for SEO helps you rank higher in search results.  You can easily handle most of this in-house without paying an outside firm.  The key elements can be found in online guides like this one from Moz.com.  Sit down and start digging through a guide like this one, you will find all the information that you need.  I recommend building out your site with SEO in mind, but if you already have a site – three components that you don’t want to delay in adding are – Meta descriptions, title tags and a sitemap.  These three parts are on the back end of your site and the search engines index and show your pages with this information.

Social networking everyone is doing it but what are the benefits?  That is what most small business owners ask.  Well it’s easy to see that today social networking is a part of our lives and people are using it more and more with business in mind.  As a small business owner, my only recommendation is to set up your accounts in an organized manner.  Don’t let someone else set them up for your, it’s important that you own all the pages.  After you get them all set up, you can assign an employee or two to moderate or manage the pages.  Overall, get into the habit of actually using these pages, so people are used to seeing posts from your company.  You can build a loyal fan base this way and keep people up to date on what you are working on.  The one thing that I cannot stress enough is when a customer posts something negative on your site, don’t take it personal.  There will be plenty more opportunities to engage your loyal and future customers on these platforms in a positive manner.  These are great free resources, so take advantage of them.

Every company has a story and video is a great way to tell it.  To actually film your own videos in-house is time consuming.   I know this sounds intimidating.  My recommendation, based purely on personal experience, would be to start small.  Get a decent camcorder or if you have a camera already, shoot a small video, go online and watch other companies videos see what type of elements you like in them.  Overtime you will find resources online that have how to videos on filming with your specific camera, here is an example that I found while looking for a better way to record sound.  The toughest part of video in the beginning is editing, it’s a big learning curve, and there are plenty of software packages out there.  Previously I used Microsoft Moviemaker and Adobe Premiere (I am not expert at editing video, but over time I have gotten a lot better).  You can make some short professional videos about your business and build an audience on YouTube and also embed these videos on your site.  Don’t overlook this opportunity to showcase your business to the world.

Do you have any success stories to share about any of these 3 skills?  Please comment and share with us.


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