Do More with Less


  You have probably heard the age old saying “do more with less.”  This statement has never been  truer  than in small business.  In a small business you don’t have multiple departments or teams that  are focusing on specific tasks or projects.  Ideally what you do have is a team of dedicated people that  are willing to try new things and think outside the box.

 In today’s business world, especially when it comes to eCommerce.  Many companies are working      hard to compete against larger businesses online, like Walmart and Amazon.  You might ask yourself  how do these start ups compete against giants?  Even if your company is not an eCommerce based  firm, you will still have a website and these skills are equally as important.

The answer is simple; they do more with less money, resources and people.  Some of the most crucial  skills a small business can be taught to their team.   Many small business owners and start-up leaders  overlook the value of training employees, to help them reach their full potential.  The skills that I am talking about teaching someone are not your normal business tasks.  There are certain set of tasks that can be done in house and they can save the company tons of cash, mostly regarding a company’s presence online.  A lot of companies still use outside agencies to handle this.

First, lots of companies have fancy websites that they cannot manage on their own.  Big mistake!  A website is your storefront to the world.  You need to be able to communicate the latest information via your website often.  If you are relying solely on an outside firm for these small updates, it’s a waste of time and it excludes the in-house experts from managing the site.  Nobody in the world knows more about your business than you and your team.  Train yourself and your team to manage the company website.

Second, learn how to be a decent writer and teach your team how to write too.  Nobody in the world knows the story of your company better than you and your team.  In today’s instant media world, anyone can publish a story, press release or product description.  Take advantage of this and save yourself the money of hiring someone from the outside to write for you.  The quality of the material will always be better from within.  This skill goes hand in hand with our first skill website management.

Third, get a camera and learn how to edit pictures so they can be used online.  Many small businesses and start-ups rely on an outside photographer to handle this.  This can be costly and take a long time.  If you can take your own pictures and edit them in-house, you can get instant turnaround.  It doesn’t cost that much to send someone out to learn how to use a camera and edit photos.  It’s a great investment and will pay for itself it no time.

Stay tuned for my next blog, I will be covering my personal experience in how to learn these skills.


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